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Şirketimize ve mevcut ürün yeniliklerimize ait haberlere buradan ulaşabilirsiniz.

Yayınlama tarihi: 17.10.2019

Meusburger joins forces in 2020

Our goal is to support you in your daily work to guarantee you efficient mould making. Since the takeover of PSG in 2016, we have been working very closely with the hot runner and control systems specialist. To offer you further advantages, we will fully integrate PSG in our company during 2020. This way we can combine and develop our extensive know-how even better for you under one brand: the Meusburger corporate brand.

Yayınlama tarihi: 15.10.2019

Digital tips: the ejector configurator

We are launching a new video series about our wizards and configurators. The first is our configurator for ejectors. Learn about all its functions and features.

Yayınlama tarihi: 27.08.2019

For more control and efficiency

True to our motto ‘everything from one source’, we not only have standard parts for temperature and end position control, but also offer sensors for cavity pressure measurement in our range. Stay in control and improve your part quality.

Yayınlama tarihi: 26.08.2019

CADClick 3D data for die making

Save time during the design process and configure selected components for die making directly in our offline shop or web shop. You can immediately export the customised 3D data and load it into your projects. Find further information and the individual products here.

Yayınlama tarihi: 27.06.2019

Solutions for high temperatures

If it gets hot in your mould base, you need temperature regulation components that withstand the temperatures. We have put together a range of products for high temperature applications for you.

Yayınlama tarihi: 28.05.2019

Maintenance-free and smooth running

Once installed, you don't need to worry about our bronze flat guiding stock with graphite inserts at all. As part of a comprehensive expansion, we have added several new dimensions to our range. Depending on your requirements, the flat guiding stock is available with and without screw holes.

Yayınlama tarihi: 23.05.2019

Directly configurable CADClick 3D data

Save time during the design and configure selected components directly in our offline shop or web shop. You can immediately export the customised 3D data and load it into your projects. Here you will find further information and the individual products.

Yayınlama tarihi: 03.05.2019

Innovative bending unit for optimal results

Are you particularly interested in obtaining the highest surface quality in bending processes? The E 5690 Bending unit TRIBMATE® EASY ROLLA™ exclusively available at Meusburger reduces follow-up operations to a minimum due to rolling friction! In addition, the free bearing rollers provide for unlimited stroke.

Yayınlama tarihi: 02.04.2019

Our opening hours over Easter

Easter is just around the corner and in Austria the children are excited about searching for colourful Easter eggs hidden inside and outside. As not only the traditions but also the public holidays can be different depending on the country and region, we would like to keep you informed of our opening days over this period.

Yayınlama tarihi: 26.02.2019

Keep it flexible

Nobody wants downtimes. To avoid having these due to unnecessary or damaged cavities, you can guide the flow channel with the sprue adjuster. The sprue adjuster can be actuated directly from the split line face.

Yayınlama tarihi: 26.02.2019

Technical optimisations for CADClick

CADClick has been technically optimised. Learn more about the new options.

Yayınlama tarihi: 31.01.2019

Our new products for your temperature regulation

Meet our new temperature regulation elements for the ‘Standard’ and ‘USA’ systems. Save time with our components for your mould bases.

Yayınlama tarihi: 01.02.2019

Don’t waste any time

Save yourself the enquiry process for ejectors cut to length and configure them directly in our web shop. Our new configurator is intuitive to use and you immediately receive the CAD data of your individual ejector.

Yayınlama tarihi: 31.01.2019

Over 7,000 new products - you have the choice

In the past year, a lot has happened throughout our entire product range. Compared to the previous year, there are over 7,000 new products and additions. Why so many? To offer you the best selection.

Yayınlama tarihi: 04.01.2019

Paslanmaz çelikten yapılmış kalıp elemanları

Paslanmaz çelik ürün yelpazemizi sizin için birçok alanda genişlettik. Özellikle aşındırıcı özelliklere sahip plastiklerin işlenmesi veya steril oda teknolojisinde paslanmaz çeliğin avantajlarından faydalanabilirsiniz.

Yayınlama tarihi: 04.01.2019

Working together for the customers

When we talk about sales, we don’t just mean the many field sales representatives. Behind them is a big team - from sales management to the internal sales department - who together with the field sales representatives are always happy to assist you.

Yayınlama tarihi: 04.12.2018

Christmas and New Year’s opening times

The holidays are about to begin. This means that our employees will also be spending time with their loved ones. To stay informed on when we are open between Christmas and New Year’s, you will find our opening hours from the end of December until the beginning of January here.

Yayınlama tarihi: 22.11.2018

The Plastics Industry Awards 2018

This year we were pleased to support the British ‘Plastics Industry Awards’ as the sponsor of a gold award, and award the company RJG Technologies with the prize in the category ‘Best Business Initiative of the Year’. Learn more about the event here.

Yayınlama tarihi: 09.11.2018

Special award for Georg Meusburger

Our company founder Georg Meusburger was awarded the ‘Vorarlberg Honorary Prize for Entrepreneurial Lifework’ by the Vorarlberg Economic Forum (AT).

Yayınlama tarihi: 11.10.2018

From an idea to a finished Frisbee

Secondary schools who are training the future young professionals for mould and die making are very important for the further development of the industry. With new ideas and approaches, they bring a ‘breath of fresh air’ into the company. For this reason, we are very pleased to have been able to support project work at the OTH Amberg-Weiden.

Yayınlama tarihi: 06.09.2018

Precision – the be-all and end-all in die making

A precise die set is indispensable for the production of an exact stamped part – after all, nobody needs defective parts or a high rejection rate. That is why we place great importance on the accuracy of our standard parts. At the same time, we would like to provide you with the best possible support when configuring a die set and in the machining process.

Yayınlama tarihi: 28.08.2018


Ürün portföyümüzü genişletirken tabiiki elektrikli ürünlerimizi unutmadık. Ürün portföyümüz için yeni ürünler seçerken, dayanıklılık ve esnekliğin yanı sıra proses güvenliğine odaklanıyoruz. Buradan daha fazla bilgi edinebilirsiniz…

Yayınlama tarihi: 24.08.2018

For water temperatures up to 180°C

We have put together a series of high-temperature resistant components for you here.

Yayınlama tarihi: 23.08.2018

Product in the spotlight: TT slide unit for the smallest installation spaces

In our new film, we show you the smallest ready-to-use slide unit available on the market, its functions and two different installation variants.

Yayınlama tarihi: 10.07.2018

A must-have in modern die and mould making: DLC coated components

Moving components without hard carbon coating (diamond-like carbon, or DLC for short) can hardly be imagined in modern die and mould making. But what is so good about this coating? Through examples, Meusburger shows the clear advantages and uses of DLC coated standard components.

Yayınlama tarihi: 10.07.2018

No more time-consuming imports of part lists

Saving the parts list as a table, sending it via email, and then copying it - that can take a lot of time. This is why we have now enhanced our digital catalogues so that you can import your parts lists in just a few clicks, or even send them directly to your colleagues. Learn more about the new features.

Yayınlama tarihi: 05.07.2018

Meusburger Group takes over Segoni

The Meusburger Group is taking over the Berlin software specialist Segoni. Segoni will continue as an independent enterprise, and all employees will be retained.

Yayınlama tarihi: 03.07.2018

Eğik itici üniteleri için yeni nesil iticiler

E 3270 Açılı çıkartma ünitemiz parçaların çıkartılması konusunda kullanıma hazır ve stoklarımızdadır.

Yayınlama tarihi: 03.07.2018

Meusburger user meeting in Portugal

On 20 April almost 250 interested people met for a user meeting at Monte Real (Portugal). The event was attended by long-standing customers, as well as students and teachers from the region. The attendees were able to learn more about us and our products and also converse and exchange experiences in a relaxed atmosphere.

Yayınlama tarihi: 24.04.2018


Gömme silindiri ile birlikte en küçük montaj boşlukları mümkün oldu. Beraberinde teslim edilen dört civata ile montajı çok kolay.

Yayınlama tarihi: 17.04.2018

Meusburger’in ‘Teknik İpucu’: İstifli kalıplar için dişli ünitesi

İstifli kalıpları senkronize şekilde yönetebilmek için sabit ve hassas dişli ünite

Yayınlama tarihi: 29.03.2018

Cooperation as a key to success

For years, we have been placing anti-slip mats between our moulding plates to protect them from scratches and shifting. Then one day a customer came to us with a great idea which resulted in an extensive cooperation…

Yayınlama tarihi: 08.03.2018

Top quality and long-term reliability

We live this promise daily at Meusburger – but how do we put it into practice?

Yayınlama tarihi: 06.03.2018

Yeni kesme zımbaları

Ürün yelpazemizi üç yeni kesme zımbaları ile genişlettik:

Yayınlama tarihi: 27.02.2018

Innovative accessories for your moulds

The marking of different connections has always been a laborious task. Now you can make this a thing of the past! With our label designer you can create customisable marking chips. Design – order – insert – finished! In addition, we offer the adjustable E 1917 Status indicator plate. That way, it is always clear whether the mould is, for example, ready for operation or needs maintenance.

Yayınlama tarihi: 01.02.2018

Tüm iticilerde yeni ölçüler

Doğru iticiyi mi arıyorsunuz? Kesinlikle bizde bulabilirsiniz! 300’ü aşkın yeni ölçü ile yelpazemizi genişlettik. Hassas boy kesimi ve kullanıma hazır olması ile avantaj sağlayabilirsiniz.

Yayınlama tarihi: 04.01.2018

Our 2017 end of year review

We invite you to review the year 2017 with us in this film.

Yayınlama tarihi: 02.01.2018

Meusburger sıcaklık düzenleyici sistemleri ile zaman kazanın

Gelecekte vaktinizi daha iyi kullanabilmeniz için ürün çeşitlerimizi genişlettik.

Yayınlama tarihi: 31.12.2018

Basma işleminde daha fazla güvenlik için ...

... Pres kalıplarının izlenmesi için yeni bir sensör seçimi yaptık.

Yayınlama tarihi: 28.11.2017

A full house: Meusburger's stand at the Blechexpo trade fair

We can look back on a successful week in Stuttgart, Germany. We have put together the best moments of the trade fair in a film for you. We hope you enjoy the film!


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