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Aquí encontrará novedades sobre nuestra empresa y nuestros productos estrella.

Publicado el: 12.01.2021

Acerca de los muelles de gas (parte 3)

En la tercera parte de la serie «Acerca de los muelles de gas» nos centramos en el asistente para seleccionar muelles de gas. El asistente le ayuda a encontrar rápida y fácilmente el muelle de gas más adecuado para su proyecto.

Publicado el: 08.12.2020

Acerca de los muelles de gas (parte 2)

En la segunda parte de nuestra serie «Acerca de los muelles de gas» aprenderá a reconocer los diferentes tipos. Tienen estructuras distintas, por lo que difieren también en tamaño y fuerza inicial. Además, el diseño de los elementos de seguridad de los muelles de gas es diferente según el tipo.

Publicado el: 03.12.2020

Novedades en el concepto modular

Hemos ampliado el catálogo de portamatrices de dos columnas con ocho tamaños nuevos, de 396 796 a 496 996 mm, concebidos para módulos.

Publicado el: 26.11.2020

Horario en navidades

Ya se acercan las fiestas navideñas y queremos que nuestros empleados puedan disfrutarlas con las personas que más quieren. Para mantenerlo al tanto de los días que abrimos estas navidades le mostramos aquí nuestro horario de finales de diciembre a principios de enero.

Publicado el: 17.11.2020

Acerca de los muelles de gas (parte 1)

La primera parte de nuestra serie «Acerca de los muelles de gas» contiene información general, como los ámbitos de aplicación correctos o las diferencias con los muelles de compresión convencionales.

Publicado el: 12.10.2020

Actualización del configurador FH

With our mould making update, we also added innovations for the configurator of FH hot runner moulds. We considerably expanded our range of nozzles as well as the selection of plastic materials.

Publicado el: 08.10.2020

La herramienta para NX

En cooperación con nuestro cliente Schmidt WFT hemos desarrollado una herramienta CAD
que ahora ponemos a disposición de los diseñadores de forma gratuita.

Publicado el: 08.09.2020

Creating a habitat for bees

The bee is one of the most important organisms in our ecosystem. Its extinction would have tremendous consequences for the Earth. We as a community can come together to prevent this from happening and we have already taken steps towards this cause.

Publicado el: 11.08.2020

O-ring seals – in perfect shape, part 3

In addition to the correct selection of O-ring seals, the correct introduction of the O-ring groove is essential for the optimum sealing result. In the third part of our series ‘O-ring seals – in perfect shape’ we show you how you can save time during production with our countersink for O-ring seals, and increase the quality of the O-ring groove at the same time.

Publicado el: 21.07.2020

O-ring seals - in perfect shape, part 2

In the second part of our series ‘O-ring seals – in perfect shape’ we show you what to consider when planning and designing the O-ring seal groove.

Publicado el: 21.07.2020

Meusburger expands its range of standard elements

In the area of clamping elements, in addition to the standard horizontal toggle clamps, the range is supplemented with a reinforced version. The HWS 201 clamping elements have a more robust design and components can be clamped with higher retaining forces. This makes them particularly suitable for fast clamping in series production.

Publicado el: 30.06.2020

O-ring seals - in perfect shape, part 1

In this first part, we explain the different sealing types, installation options and materials of O-rings especially for mould making.

Publicado el: 04.06.2020

Material grade 1.2738 TSHH now available from stock

Reducing processing time and optimising costs is especially important for injection moulds with moderate shot weights. In addition, flawless surface quality is often required for injection moulded parts. 1.2738 TSHH steel has long been established on the market for this purpose. This steel is especially useful in the automotive industry, but also for consumer goods.

Publicado el: 30.04.2020

Expansion of plate thicknesses

In the recent product update, we were able to expand our range of plates and bars to more than 1,300 dimensions. In addition to numerous expansions, over 300 thicknesses were introduced for the first time for the material grades 1.1730, 1.2085 and 1.2312.

Publicado el: 26.03.2020

Fully stocked warehouse thanks to in-house production

Especially now, it is particularly important to have a reliable partner at your side that you can count on. A full raw material warehouse, the largest central standard parts warehouse and also a high degree of in-house production ensures that we can continue to supply you with all the products you need.

Publicado el: 19.03.2020

Our opening hours over Easter

Easter is just around the corner and in Austria the children are excited about searching for colourful Easter eggs hidden inside and outside. As not only the traditions but also the public holidays can be different depending on the country and region, we would like to keep you informed of our opening days over this period.

Publicado el: 06.02.2020

Always up to date with CADClick

CADClick is available in the Meusburger shops, both online and offline, as a strong, consistent, and always innovative CAD connection.

Publicado el: 04.02.2020

Assembly tools for two-stage ejectors

Especially for the assembly and maintenance of our two-stage ejectors, you will find the suitable hook and face wrenches are now available in our range.

Publicado el: 31.01.2020

Our springs for machine and jig construction

Discover our range of different springs which we have put together especially for you. Here you will find springs and accessories for use with very light to very heavy loads - you are sure to find the right one for your project.

Publicado el: 14.01.2020

New features in the Meusburger shops

In addition to a completely new look for the shop start pages for mould making, die making and machine and jig construction, the update at the turn of the year also brought technical innovations. In particular, new functions have been added to the wizard for stamping and forming die sets and the configurator for hot runner moulds. See the changes for yourself!

Publicado el: 14.01.2020

2019 year in review

The last year had so much to offer: interesting product innovations, exciting events, big changes in the company and many great times with our customers. Thank you!

Publicado el: 20.12.2019

Meusburger joins forces in 2020

Our goal is to support you in your daily work to guarantee you efficient mould making. Since the takeover of PSG in 2016, we have been working very closely with the hot runner and control systems specialist. To offer you further advantages, we will fully integrate PSG in our company during 2020. This way we can combine and develop our extensive know-how even better for you under one brand: the Meusburger corporate brand.

Publicado el: 12.12.2019

Our versatile systems for demoulding

Our extensive range of demoulding products includes many tried and trusted items such as two-stage ejectors, components for controlling 3-plate moulds, and different demoulding aids.

Publicado el: 10.12.2019

What a great event

Thank you for all the visits to our stand, the great technical discussions and the good times together. We are always pleased to welcome so many interested visitors to our stand at the Blechexpo in Stuttgart. We have collected a few impressions of the trade fair for you featuring our SB stamping and forming die set.

Publicado el: 10.12.2019

Our ejectors for highest temperatures

When things are starting to heat up, our ejectors made of high-speed steel are just what you need. Thanks to their high-temperature resistance, they are ideally suited for use at high mould temperatures. Additionally, the E 17003 and E 17103 ejectors offer a long service life thanks to their low wear and high hardness of ~64HRC.

Publicado el: 09.12.2019

New sizes and diameters

We have expanded our range of ready-to-use E 5300 spacers and E 5302 spacer discs. Discover the numerous new sizes and diameters now.

Publicado el: 14.11.2019

Cilindros compactos para detección magnética

Our tried and trusted compact cylinder with adjustable proximity sensors is now also available with an O-ring port. Find out more about this product and our entire range of hydraulic systems!

Publicado el: 05.11.2019

Duplicando conocimientos

De la enriquecedora colaboración entre Meusburger y Bihler han resultado dos portamatrices de troquelado y doblado para prensas Bihler. Se los debemos, sobre todo, a las numerosas ventajas de la estandarización. ¿A qué ventajas en concreto nos referimos?

Publicado el: 15.10.2019

Digital tips: the ejector configurator

We are launching a new video series about our wizards and configurators. The first is our configurator for ejectors. Learn about all its functions and features.

Publicado el: 29.08.2019

Consumables for die making

Protecting, gluing, cleaning and much more. Finding and purchasing the right product for each different application can sometimes take a lot of effort. Why not try out the products that many of our customers have been using successfully for years?

Publicado el: 27.08.2019

Mayor control y eficiencia

Fiel al lema «Todo de manos de un único proveedor», Meusburger ofrece, además de elementos normalizados para vigilar la temperatura y la posición final, sensores para medir la presión en la cavidad del molde. Mantenga el control y mejore la calidad de sus componentes.

Publicado el: 26.08.2019

CADClick 3D data for die making

Save time during the design process and configure selected components for die making directly in our offline shop or web shop. You can immediately export the customised 3D data and load it into your projects. Find further information and the individual products here.

Publicado el: 27.06.2019

Soluciones para altas temperaturas

Si su portamoldes se calienta, necesita elementos de regulación de la temperatura que puedan resistir la temperatura. Hemos seleccionado para usted una serie de productos aptos para altas temperaturas.

Publicado el: 03.06.2019

Mayor eficiencia gracias a la estandarización

El uso de elementos normalizados influye en gran medida en el coste de un portamatrices. La estandarización nos depara, ante todo, muchas oportunidades para ahorrar, pero ¿en qué consiste exactamente?

Publicado el: 28.05.2019

Placas autolubricadas que funcionan como la seda

Una vez instaladas, puede olvidarse de nuestras placas de deslizamiento de bronce con insertos de grafito. Como parte de una profunda ampliación de la gama de productos, hemos agregado más dimensiones de estas placas, que puede pedir con o sin taladros para tornillos, en función de sus necesidades.

Publicado el: 23.05.2019

Directly configurable CADClick 3D data

Save time during the design and configure selected components directly in our offline shop or web shop. You can immediately export the customised 3D data and load it into your projects. Here you will find further information and the individual products.

Publicado el: 03.05.2019

Innovative bending unit for optimal results

Are you particularly interested in obtaining the highest surface quality in bending processes? The E 5690 Bending unit TRIBMATE® EASY ROLLA™ exclusively available at Meusburger reduces follow-up operations to a minimum due to rolling friction! In addition, the free bearing rollers provide for unlimited stroke.

Publicado el: 26.02.2019

Siempre flexible

A nadie le gustan los periodos de inactividad. Para no sufrirlos por cavidades innecesarias o dañadas, reconduzca el canal de colada mediante el regulador de colada de Meusburger, que puede manejarse directamente desde el plano de cierre.

Publicado el: 31.01.2019

Nuevos productos para regular la temperatura

Descubra los nuevos elementos de regulación de la temperatura para los sistemas estándar y USA y ahorre tiempo con nuestros componentes para portamoldes.

Publicado el: 01.02.2019

Don’t waste any time

Save yourself the enquiry process for ejectors cut to length and configure them directly in our web shop. Our new configurator is intuitive to use and you immediately receive the CAD data of your individual ejector.

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