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Pressemeddelelser om vores virksomhed

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Coatings increase the service life of cutting punches

07.07.2020, Die making

The abrasive and adhesive wear that occurs during the stamping process on the cutting punch is minimised by coatings. This leads to a significant increase in the service life of cutting punches and consequently also reduces machine downtimes. In addition, the retracting forces are reduced due to the lower coefficient of friction. Different coatings are used depending on the materials to be punched. We give you an overview of the common coatings with their respective properties and application areas. 

Titanium nitride

TiN is considered the classic standard coating and is often used today. This coating is tried and trusted for cutting tools. TiN coated cutting punches are suitable for sheet metal with low and medium hardness. 


 TiN coated cutting punch

Aluminium chromium nitride

AlCrN is the most commonly used ‘all-round coating’ and covers the largest area of application. In terms of performance, the AlCrN coating is clearly superior to the TiN coating. In contrast to TiN, this coating is also recommended for sheet metal with high hardness.

 AlCrN coated cutting punch

Diamond-like carbon

The DLC coating has been used in mould making applications for some time now to minimise wear on guide pillars, centring devices and ejectors. Due to the very low coefficient of friction, DLC coated cutting elements are used for punching non-ferrous materials such as aluminium, brass or copper, as these are prone to galling.

 DLC coated cutting punch

Comparison of coatings


Coating colour
golden yellowgreyblack grey
BrandBalinit® A TOPBalinit® ALCRONA PRO TOPBalinit® TRITON
Coating process PVD PVD PACVD
Coating hardness [HV]≈ 2.300≈ 3.200≈ 2.500
Coefficient of friction≈ 0,4≈ 0,35≈ 0,1-0,2
Coating thickness [µm]≈ 1,3 / 3*≈ 1,3 / 2,5*≈ 2

 * depending on cutting edge diameter

Application example

The following graph compares the service life of the different coated punches.

Application example of coated cutting punches

Cutting punch: 1.3343 HSS (approx. 64 HRC)
Workpiece: Steel sheet C22 (≈ 1.0577), Thickness: 1,25 mm
Process parameter: 520 strokes / minute, Penetration depth: 2 mm

Configurable cutting punches with coating

In Meusburger’s innovative cutting punches configurator, the cutting punches can be individually configured with the desired coating in addition to the cutting dimensions, special length etc. The CAD data is then immediately available for download.

Coatings increase the service life of cutting punches

Coated cutting punches from Meusburger

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Should you require further information on this press release or have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us by email.

Julia Jakob

+43 5574 6706-1496


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