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Welcome to the next level

Julkaistu: 02/10/2023

Check out the new Meusburger portal now!

After an intensive preparation period, the time has finally come – the new Meusburger portal is up and running in parallel with the previous version. With it, you get an insight into the next level of the Meusburger online world. The portal is easy to use for any target group with just a few clicks and will guide you to your goal as quickly and intuitively as possible.

This first version is just the beginning. We are constantly developing the portal, so you can look forward to many more features in the future. Here is an overview of the benefits that the portal can already offer you now.

To the new Meusburger portal

  • More

    Extensive search options – all information at a glance

  • More

    Easy filter options – the fastest way to reach your goal

  • More

    Easy order processing thanks to ‘My account

  • More

    Portal available in 7 languages

  • More

    Efficient checkout with greater flexibility

  • More

    Clear, user-friendly navigation

  • More

    Optimised product pages – developed by experts for the industry

  • More

    Attractive design – also for mobile use

  • More

    Individually configurable CAD data

  • More

    Fast processing of returns and complaints

  • More

    Extensive support area

  • More

    Efficient import of items for fast ordering

  • More

    Project-related parts lists for flexible working

  • More

    Coming soon: online wizards, configurators and much more


Time-saving design


Organisation and time efficiency are especially important during design. That is why the navigation in the new Meusburger portal was designed to be clear and user-friendly despite its size.

Parts lists

As a designer, you can now save your parts lists based on the specific project and independently of the shopping cart. This allows you to work flexibly on multiple projects.

CAD data

We have significantly improved the handling of CAD data. The CAD export can be started directly from the product detail pages, without having to first add the product to the parts list or the shopping cart. In addition, we have made it even easier to individually configure models and we provide a direct access to the download.


On the product detail pages, you will find tables and selection options developed by experts specifically for the industry.

  • Images/dimensional drawings/videos (gallery)
  • Interactive table (filtering, highlighting, tooltips)
  • Accessories and recommendations

Everything at a glance

My account

In the ‘My account’ area, you not only benefit from simple order processing, you also have access to all the order data and receipts. In addition to the current status of the respective order, you can also track the current location of your (partial) delivery in the ‘My account’ area. Returns and complaints can be processed just as easily and quickly. A detailed support area provides answers to all the frequently asked questions.

Efficient checkout

We have also significantly improved the checkout. From now on, you can choose between different shipping methods (standard shipping with a desired dispatch date / self pick up for German-speaking countries / express shipping). It is also possible to customise your data during the ordering process; the customised data is then transferred seamlessly to ‘My account’. A new delivery address can also be specified at the same time.

Importing items

In order to make the ordering process as efficient as possible, items can be imported as a group using Excel data as well as individually. During this process, items are automatically suggested based on the data entered.

Reach your goal quickly and efficiently

Search and filter function

Our aim is to guide you to your goal as quickly and efficiently as possible. The search and filter function will also help you, as it allows you to search or filter easily for products or orders.

Shopping cart and parts lists

The shopping cart and parts lists are automatically saved at all times. Thereby, you gain time and can move forward even faster with your projects.


The comprehensive support area can help with any issues when using the Meusburger portal by giving you all the relevant information. You can also use the contact form in the ‘My account’ area to make enquiries regarding hot runner or control systems.

Attractive design

Thanks to the responsive design, you can use the new Meusburger portal directly from your workshop on your smartphone or tablet.

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Try our new version of 'My account'

Get familiar with our new ‘My account’ section and benefit from numerous advantages.

Now the new ‘My account’ also gives you a direct insight into the next level of the Meusburger portal. Check out all the information and benefits of the portal here.

Get familiar with our new ‘My account’ section and benefit from numerous advantages.

Now the new ‘My account’ also gives you a direct insight into the next level of the Meusburger portal. Check out all the information and benefits of the portal here.

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