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Advantages of the Meusburger shops

We offer many important advantages in our shops that enable simple ordering processes and user-friendly handling. We are constantly developing our shops to optimise the digital world of Meusburger just for you.

Continuous development of the Meusburger shops

The Meusburger shops, both the web and offline versions, are constantly being further developed and supplemented with new features and functions. The clear and structured presentation of installation instructions and application examples enables fast processes without wasting any time .

The Meusburger shops are completely free of charge, intuitively designed, and therefore easy to use for everyone. Updates are implemented both online and offline simultaneously.

Language diversity

The website and the web and offline shops are available in 21 languages.

The PDFs are available in German and English

Reach your goal with just a few clicks

We help you select the right components and whatever else you may need by providing you with various forms of assistance in both the web and offline shop. The wizards, configurators and selection guides are continuously being further developed so that you can save time.

Mould making shop Die making shop Machine and jig construction shop


The wizards for mould bases or die sets enable the assembly of compatible plates and the calculation of the corresponding components. In just a few steps, the complete mould base or die set can be assembled in a clear, comprehensible and transparent manner.


The configurators enable customisation of items such as ejectors and cutting punches. Further options for configuration:

Customized plates Labels Combination items (hot runner nozzles)

Hot runner molds

Selection guides

With the assistance of technical parameters you will find the right component. We provide you with various selection guides:

Gas springs Latch locks

Easy ordering through the shops

The current range comprises of over 96,000 items. Items not in stock are marked in the shop, but can still be ordered. 

The clear display guarantees quick and easy selection of the items. The individual customer’s price including discount can be displayed in the shops. It is also possible to select the currency.

Optionally connecting to external platforms, such as SAP (via OCI), enables a smooth ordering process.

Digital CAD configuration made easy

Meusburger provides CAD data in neutral formats (e.g. STEP, IGES, PARASOLID). It is also possible to export via direct interfaces to all common CAD systems. The data can be configured directly in the web and offline shop using the CAD connection ‘CADClick’

The configured CAD data can be immediately exported and loaded into the respective projects, which saves a lot of time.

Mould making configuration Die making configuration

Flexibility of data formats

Data exchange of the parts list works offline with the Meusburger file (.meu). The same file can be imported into the web shop. It is also possible to import and export from and to Microsoft Excel .

In the web shop, the shopping cart transfer (to another portal account) guarantees simple and fast processes.

To the instructions for the exchange of parts lists

Special requests are no problem

Special items can also be created and requested in the web shop. Examples of this are:

Customized plates Ejectors Cutting punches

There is also the option to add remarks to items or orders, which in turn are printed on the delivery note and shipping labels. The technical details can be selected or entered individually, which offers you many possibilities.

Benefit from our expertise

Meusburger offers the online cutting data calculator for calculating the appropriate cutting data in machining.

In this way, our experience and the resulting cutting data can be passed on directly to you. The cutting data calculator is available in a responsive design and can therefore also be optimally used on smartphones .

Cutting data calculator

How do I findthe right material? Choosing the right material from our wide range is not always easy. This is why we have created amaterial selection wizardfor you.

Benefit from its easy handling and simple user-friendly search filters.

Material selection wizard

Advantages of the Meusburger portal

Besides saving and loading order templates/parts lists, deliveries can also be tracked. It is also possible to manage and order customisable labels.

All-round care - not just on the phone

In addition to the extensive range of digital assistance, we offer fast and expert support for questions and problems.

Just call:

+43 5574 6706-6000

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