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Software & CAD

Our web shop and offline shop support you during the selection of suitable components and the design of your projects.

No more time-consuming imports of part lists

Saving the parts list as a table, sending it via email, and then copying it - that can take a lot of time. This is why we have now enhanced our digital catalogues so that you can import your parts lists in just a few clicks, or even send them directly to your colleagues. Learn more about the new features.

Sharing shopping carts

Saved shopping carts can be transferred to and shared with any Meusburger Portal account.

Step by step instructions

Share a shopping cart:
  • Log into the web shop for standard components (note: if you don't already have an account, you can register by clicking on 'Register')
  • Select products as usual
  • Open shopping cart view
  • Click on 'Save shopping cart' in the shopping cart view
  • In the shopping cart view, click on 'Open shopping cart'
  • In this view, next to the saved shopping cart click on 'Share'
  • Choose a recipient with a valid email address (note: the recipient must have a valid Meusburger account)
  • Press the 'OK' button

When it has been successfully shared, the recipient will receive an email with a direct link to the web shop.

Open a shared shopping cart:
  • Log into the web shop
  • In the shopping cart view, click on 'Open shopping cart'
  • In this view under the heading 'Received shopping carts' you will find the shared shopping cart
  • Open the received shopping cart, complete the parts list if necessary, and send the order as usual through the web shop

Shopping cart

Upload of '.meu' files in the web shop

The Meusburger shopping carts (*.meu) can now be imported into the web shop and then ordered.

Step by step instructions

  • Create a parts list in the offline shop, save it as a *.meu file and send it to someone who is authorised to place an order
  • The recipient can log into the web shop and upload the received parts list in the shopping cart view through the '.meu file import', through which the items are transferred
  • Complete the parts list if necessary, and send the order as usual through the web shop

Software offline shop

Import parts list & ‘Manual entries’ function

In the web shop, you can use the ‘Import parts list’ and ‘Manual entries’ functions to directly add contents of Excel tables or CAD parts lists into the shopping cart of the standard parts shop.

The table shown below can be used to transfer manual entries. 

Shopping cart

If you already have finished the Excel tables or CAD parts lists, you can import them with the button ‘Insert parts list’. To do this, highlight and copy the desired contents of the table, then paste into the first field in the manual entries window in the web shop.

The Excel headings can now be adjusted directly in the web shop. If necessary, check the box next to ‘The data contains headings’ at the bottom left and allocate the columns accordingly in the table view. In addition to the designation and the quantity, now comments can also be transferred to the parts list.

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