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Press releases regarding our company

Are you interested in our company and our products? Then you’re in the right place.

Arno Gozzi
Head of Marketing

Meusburger launches new consumables for the food processing industry

25.10.2016, Workshop equipment

The standard parts manufacturer Meusburger offers selected consumables with H1-food-safe approval. The high-quality products are therefore especially suitable for the food processing industry. In this sector all substances such as grease, oil, compounds or anticorrosives are subject to high standards so they must be selected with particular care. New in the Meusburger range are for example the VGI 250 S Lubricant and release agent and the VPG 70 FD Food-safe anti-corrosive.

VGI 260 and VGI 300 Fully synthetic inert grease

The Meusburger fully synthetic inert grease is usable at very high temperatures of 260°C and 300°C. VGI 260 with PTFE can be used for lubricating any sliding pairs in die and mould making that are subject to high shear forces. The fully synthetic inert grease VGI 300 is ideal for lubricating ejectors and for applications requiring tight tolerances and very long relubrication intervals.

VGS 160 FD High-performance food-safe grease

Just like the inert grease, the Meusburger high-performance grease VGS 160 FD, which is usable at temperatures of up to 160°C, is perfect for the food processing industry. The versatile grease is ideally suited for lubricating ejectors, pillars, sliders and all other movable and sliding components embedded in injection moulds and die sets.

VGI 250 S Lubricant and release agent

The Meusburger VGI 250 S can be used both as a lubricant and a release agent. It is ideal for applications in the food processing industry, for example for easy relubrication after use of PFPE lubricants. As a release agent this consumable is especially designed for the processing of plastics.

VAP 1000 White assembly paste

In the lubricants category, the expert in standard components also offers an assembly paste with H1 food-safe approval. This can be used for example for mounting highly stressed screw and plug connections and for lubricating extremely stressed gliding points. It also helps loosening tight screws and sprues on injection moulding machines, even after long machine downtimes or idle states. In addition, the white assembly paste from Meusburger protects against corrosion, erosion, unwanted cold-shut and frictional corrosion.

VPG 70 FD Food-safe anti-corrosive

Among the Meusburger range of anti-corrosion agents, the VPG 70 FD anti-corrosive is the ideal product for preserving cavities in injection moulds and other metallic surfaces in the food processing industry.


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Press contact

Should you require further information on this press release or have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us by email.

Lia Klimmer

Lia Klimmer
Head of Department Communications

+43 5574 6706-1446

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