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profiTEMP IM hot runner controller

The new hot runner controller is a compact, handy and powerful hot runner control unit which features many advantages and easy handling.

Hot runner systems

  • This compact hot runner controller enables precise temperature control with a shortened heating phase thanks to a fast control algorithm. Tailored to the requirements of mould makers, the control unit for 12 control zones has other advantageous features:

    • Small, handy and powerful hot runner control unit
    • Clear, user-friendly touch screen user interface
    • Short incorporation phase
    • Can be used anywhere – user interface available in 15 languages
    • Extremely compact, lightweight and portable

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  • PID algorithm optimised for the application
  • Automatic calculation of the control parameters (identification)
  • Each heating output 3450 W (15 A / 230 VAC)
  • 7” touch screen, 15 selectable languages
  • All process information clearly displayed at a glance
  • Zone detail view including trend graph
  • Password-protected access for set-up technicians
  • Alarm overview
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Monitoring of the thermal sensor to detect sensor breakage, polarity reversal and short-circuiting
  • Display of heating currents and power levels of all zones
  • Display of heating currents and power levels per phase and for all zones of the controller
  • Energy meter
  • Heating current monitoring (tolerance, failure, short circuit)
  • Safety shutdown on detection of short-circuit triacs
  • Continuous leakage current measurement
  • Predictive detection of leakages in the mould (process monitoring)
  • Smart Power Limitation – exact limitation of power output in the event of mains connection overload
  • Fully automatic switchover to leading zone mode or manual mode in the event of a defect in the sensor circuit
  • Parallel switchable heating outputs in leading zone mode prevent downtime in the event of a defect in the sensor circuit
  • Temperature reduction (standby)
  • Boost mode (optionally with timer) for emptying the nozzle zones before production start
  • Zones may be grouped
  • Potential-free alarm contact (function configurable)
  • Possibility to save mould programs (5 directly in the control unit and any number on USB)
  • Free software updates – can be installed via USB
  • Heater fuses accessible and replaceable from the outside
  • Carrying handles for safe transport
  • Interfaces: Ethernet (OPC Unified Architecture) for communication with the injection moulding machine

Heating variants and operating modes – SELECTABLE FOR EVERY ZONE

4 heating variants

  • Direct setpoint change
  • Start-up mode for drying out damp heaters
  • Automatic ramp for uniform heating of all zones
  • Relay heating for heating sequence of grouped zones

5 operation modes

  • Control to the specified temperature set point values
  • Manual mode for manual setting of the output value
  • Leading zone mode to use the output value of another zone
  • Monitoring – zone without heater to display and monitor the temperature
  • Display – zone without heater to display the temperature

Technical specifications

Mains supply
400 VAC (~/N = 230 VAC) 3~/N/PE, 50/60 Hz

Mains connection
CEE 32 A, 3 m

Operation and display
7" IPS panel with capacitive touch screen, integrated in the front of the device
Languages: German, English, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, French, Chinese, Czech, Hungarian, Dutch, Bulgarian, Greek, Turkish

Sensor inputs
Thermocouple Fe/CuNi type J (-35—500°C) with internal reference measuring junction
Measuring precision < 1K
Cable length to thermal sensor < 30m

Heating outputs (information per zone)
230 VAC / 15 A (3450 W ) at 20 °C environment
230 VAC / 14.5 A (3335 W) at 45 °C environment (derating fuse)
Fuse protection with super-fast fuses FF 16 A, 6.3 x 32 mm (SIBA type 7012540.16 FF)
Cable length to heaters < 30 m

Alarm output
Potential-free alarm contact, can handle loads up to 230 VAC / 1 A

Digital input
0–30 VDC
LowPegel 0–1 VDC, High Pegel 4–30 VDC
Imax = 12 mA at 30 VDC

Mould connection
Connector: Wieland WI 70.300.2440.0
Surface-mounted housing with double locking latches, insert 24 contacts, size 24B

Heating current measurement
Measuring range 0 to 16 A per power output
Resolution 0.1 A (accuracy +/- 0.1 A)

Leakage current measurement
Measuring range 0–100 mA
Resolution 1 mA

1 x USB type A (backup of mould programs, firmware update)
1 x Ethernet RJ45, IP address adjustable (OPC 40082-2)

Electr. safety / EMC
Electrical safety: EN 61010-1:2010 + A1:2019 + AC:2019
EMC: emitted interference according to EN 61000-6-4, interference immunity according to EN 61000-6-2
Over-voltage category II
Ingress protection I
Ingress protection class IP20
Installation altitude above sea level max. 2000 m

Ambient temperature
Operation at 0–45 °C
Transport and storage -20–70 °C

Climate application class
Relative humidity < 75% annual average, no condensation

Dimensions: 215 x 260 x 400 (H x W x D in mm)
Weight: 9.8 kg


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Now the new ‘My account’ also gives you a direct insight into the next level of the Meusburger portal. Check out all the information and benefits of the portal here.

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