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Plates and bars

Components Machining Plates and bars

The right material for every requirement in die making

To meet the different requirements for cutting steels used in die making, Meusburger has a large selection of NE blocks for eroding that cover a wide range of materials - including classic steel for through hardening, high-speed steel, powder metallurgical steel and carbide.

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Die sets Machining Plates and bars

We heat treat properly for your success

Not all stress-relieving heat treatment is the same – because only a proper heat treatment process ensures the desired result in the end. That is why Meusburger has been using its own furnaces for almost 30 years.

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Die sets Machining Plates and bars


These plates, machined on all sides and heat-treated for stress relief, are suitable for all applications in mould and die making as well as for manufacturing gauges and jigs.

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Components Machining Plates and bars

NE-Blocks for eroding

Our NE blocks for eroding are especially suitable as starting material for the manufacturing of cutting elements and die plates. Due to the different requirements and materials that our customers work with, we have the right material for a wide variety of applications.

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Components Machining Plates and bars

Material grades

Here you will find an overview of all our material grades, which we offer you in our standard programme. From hot work steel and case-hardening steel to powder metallurgical steel and carbide.

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Components Die sets Plates and bars

SP - Precision die sets

In our precision die set, the guide pillar is fitted to the backing plate, which ensures optimum transfer of shear forces onto the guide system. It is available in sizes 196 196 to 496 696.

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Components Die sets Plates and bars

SV-Standard die sets

Our tried and trusted SV standard die set is available in sizes ranging from 156 156 to 696 1396.

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Die sets Machining Plates and bars

H 3000 – The innovative Clamping System

Effective and precise with repeatable accuracy – these three characteristics optimally describe our H 3000 clamping system. Shorten inconvenient set-up times and increase part quality at the same time. In addition, you can easily configure your own H 3000 clamping system in just a few steps with our wizard.

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