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Prosimo vas, da se prijavite, da bi lahko videli vaše cene ter nadaljevali z naročilom.

Our mould bases for injection moulding

Benefit from Meusburger mould bases as the optimal foundation for your injection mould.

Mould bases

Rely on a bedrock of experience

With the largest plate range – continuously available

  • Benefit from a perfectly coordinated product range based on more than 55 years of experience.
  • Our diverse range of products come in over 30 material grades and are stored on an area bigger than 2.5 football fields.
  • With our large warehouse, we are optimally positioned to guarantee you continuous supply security.

The best piece of steel

Heat-treated for stress relief and precisely cut

  • To guarantee low-deformation processing, we heat-treat even the best raw materials for stress relief.
  • Consistent quality checks along the production chain and state-of-the-art machines and testing equipment ensure the highest precision.
  • Benefit from consistent strength and homogeneity down to the very fibres (of the material).

Order processing at the speed of light

From request to delivery

  • We offer everything for your mould base from a single source.
  • Thanks to optimised order processes, you benefit from quick response times and rapid order processing.
  • Equipped with the latest technology, our shipping team is ready to pass on your orders as fast as possible to the forwarding agent.

What makes our mould bases so unique

  • More
    Standard hole pattern

    The fixed ratio between guiding hole and edge distance ensures optimal use of space and an easy introduction of cooling channels between guiding hole and screw connection for any mould size.

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  • More

    The exposed corners facilitate the manual opening of the mould and make the removal process noticeably easier for the mould maker.

    The alignment edge is always produced lengthwise and in one clamping operation with the system holes. This makes it easy to align the cavity plate and cavity plate with milled pocket parallel on the processing machine.

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  • More
    Wide risers

    They reduce deflection and provide an even more stable mould base, so you do not need additional support pillars.

  • More
    Risers with thread

    The clamping plate can be removed together with the F 70 risers and the ejector set is completely exposed.

  • More
    Mould making wizard

    This allows you to quickly and easily configure your mould base. The associated components are calculated automatically and the mould base can be exported to the relevant CAD system.

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Our range at a glance

Our extensive product range includes high-precision mould bases made from high-grade steel, heat treated for stress relief.

At Meusburger, we provide you with pre-drilled standard moulds, sliding core moulds for complex components, change moulds for prototypes and small series and micro moulds especially designed for producing the smallest injection moulded parts in Babyplast machines.

To the product overview

Components for your mould bases

Also discover the matching components to our mould bases. High-precision guides, centring, heat insulation boards, ejectors, marking stamps and much more can be found in our wide range of products.

To the product overview

Everything for your injection moulding business

To provide you with optimal support, you will not only find our high-quality moulds in our injection moulders section, but also a specifications document template and our sprue cost calculator.

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Interesting workshop equipment information

Get exciting and helpful information on workshop equipment such as tool holders, corrosion protection, temperature regulation or material marking.

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You might find these topics and products interesting


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Get familiar with our new ‘My account’ section and benefit from numerous advantages.

Now the new ‘My account’ also gives you a direct insight into the next level of the Meusburger portal. Check out all the information and benefits of the portal here.

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