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Long-term cost reductions through the use of a hot runner system

The question of whether to use a hot runner or cold runner often arises. We’re happy to help you with the decision-making process and confident you will see that over the long term a hot runner system wins out.

Hot runner systems

Resources are always precious — so is plastic granulate. With the use of a cold runner system there are inevitably high costs due to the unusable sprue. It is precisely these costs that must be avoided for more efficient production. Using a hot runner system saves on the cost of the unusable material. You can use our sprue cost calculator to calculate how much material costs could be saved in the injection moulding process.

Sprue cost calculator

You will save {{$ctrl.result}} euros in materials costs by using a hot runner system instead of a cold runner system. Other factors not taken into account in this calculation also influence overall costs.

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*Only positive numbers

Other advantages of a hot runner system

Given the current scarcity of raw materials and the price increase in plastic granulate, economic efficiency is even more important. By using a hot runner system, decisive application advantages can be achieved that have a positive impact on productivity. Although hot runners are often associated with higher procurement costs, there are many other technical and financial aspects that make them preferable to cold runners.

Technical perspective
  • Shorter cycle times, as sprues usually have to cool down for longer
  • Reduced loss of pressure
  • Improved reprint effect
  • Positive impact on shrinkage and warping
  • Injection from the inside possible
  • Potential to use stack moulds
Financial considerations
  • Sprue spiders do not have to be sorted
  • No storage of sprue spiders required
  • No regranulation required
  • Less space required for the same production volume

Further information

If the advantages of a hot runner system outweigh the disadvantages for you, contact us and send us an inquiry. Our sales team is at your service. Alternatively you can also test our configurator for standardised hot runner systems.

FH Hot runner mould Hot runner service

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