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Core and ejector pins

Ejectors are highly stressed parts in the mould. Depending on the plastic part to be demoulded, certain types of ejector pins are required for example for different service lives or mould temperatures. There is a wide selection of different materials, geometries and coatings available. Why are we your perfect choice? It’s easy − we have the right ejector for every application.



Have you seen our comprehensive range of ejector pins yet? Through-hardened ejector pins with or without DLC coating, nitrided ejector pins with an oxidation coating, ejectors from HSS as well as contour core pins in various materials are all available from stock.

We would like to inform you about our range of ejectors and core pins below. In addition, you will receive details about the materials and the different variants.

Open PDF

Ejector configurator

Don't waste any time thanks to our ejector configurator.

  • Direct ordering of ready-to-use ejectors without enquiry process
  • Simple and intuitive handling directly in our digital catalogues
  • CAD data of your individual ejector available immediately after configuration

Ejector configurator

Nitrided-oxidation coated ejectors

  • Suitable for applications in die casting and injection moulding
  • Oxide layer reduces static and sliding friction
  • High corrosion resistance through oxide layer
  • Good dry-running properties

E 1730 Ejector pin, nitrided E 1740 Ejector pin, nitrided E 1755 Blade ejector pin, nitrided

Ejectors with DLC coating

  • Increased corrosion resistance and service life
  • Guaranteed interchangeability through exact tolerances
  • Excellent dry-running properties suitable for use in cleanrooms
  • Minimised wear thanks to excellent sliding properties
  • Leave no stains on plastic parts

To the complete range

Ejectors from HSS

  • Suitable for high mould temperatures thanks to best high-temperature resistance
  • High durability through low wear and high hardness ~64HRC
  • Increased service life when used with plastics with a high glass fibre content

E 17103 Ejector pin, straight E 17003 Ejector pin, offset

Ejector pin stainless steel

  • Especially for use in cleanrooms
  • Optimally suited for processing aggressive plastics

E 17109 Ejector pin, stainless steel, through-hardened

Ejectors with anti-twist lock

  • Ejector pins with precise anti-twist lock for exact positioning
  • The anti-twist lock already provided on the head enables cost-effective production of contour ejectors
  • Two different anti-twist locks with different dimensions are available from stock

E 1702 Ejector pin, through-hardened, with anti-twist lock E 1711 Ejector pin, through-hardened, with one-sided anti-twist lock E 1712 Ejector pin, through-hardened, with anti-twist lock

Ejector sleeves

  • Hardened ejector sleeves made of 1.2210
  • Nitrided ejector sleeves made of 1.2343

E 1720 Ejector sleeve, through-hardened E 1750 Ejector sleeve, nitrided

Ejector sleeves, stepless

The stepless transition from the clearance hole to the guiding hole prevents damage to the ejector and core pins. This can minimise wear, especially in applications where it is necessary to move completely out of the guiding hole.

E 1723 Ejector sleeve, stepless, through-hardened

Blade ejectors

  • Ideal for wire cut openings
  • Available with extra long blade for large ejector strokes
  • Ready to use, high-precision blade ejector pins with 2 or 4 angle radii - with or without extra long blade
  • Blade ejectors with radii also available with DLC coating

To the blade ejector range

Ejector pin for ventilation

  • Fast, targeted ventilation of the cavity via the ejector pin
  • Can be cut to required length thanks to ventilation surfaces along the entire shaft length
  • Optimal guidance of the ejector due to g6 tolerance on the shaft

Thanks to the ventilation surfaces along the entire shaft, the cavity can be quickly and specifically vented via the ejector pin. The ejector can also be shortened to length if required.

E 1770 Ejector pin for ventilation E 1770 DLC Ejector pin for ventilation, through-hardened, with DLC coating

Core pins

  • Different core pin types available in different material variations
  • E 1786 and E 1790 anti-twist core pins - without thickening on shank
  • E 1742 core pins, non-nitrided for applications in die casting - easy machining thanks to hardness of 45 - 48 HRC

E 1742 Core pin, non-nitrided E 1786 Contour core pin from cold-work steel E 1790 Contour core pin from hot-working steel

Copper core pins

Under thermal stress in the mould, the copper core pins provide rapid heat dissipation. This is particularly advantageous when cooling cores and inserts.

  • Fast and targeted cooling of moulded parts thanks to maximum thermal conductivity
  • Reduction of cycle time and best part quality due to optimal temperature distribution
  • Highest strength due to beryllium-free copper alloy

E 1780 Copper core pin

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Now the new ‘My account’ also gives you a direct insight into the next level of the Meusburger portal. Check out all the information and benefits of the portal here.

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