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Centring vice – Clamping without pre-stamping

Workshop equipment, Mould making, Die making

When using centring vices, it is often necessary to spend time and effort pre-stamping each individual workpiece in a separate work step using a stamping machine. Lack of stability in the clamping device is usually the reason why stamping machines are used.

This is decisive criterion, especially in single-part and small-batch production, as is often the case in mould making.

What is behind clamping without pre-stamping?

We have decided to counteract weak points. Our centring vices enable clamping by means of stepped jaws with claws without any pre-stamping. In order to guarantee this, a special height-width ratio of the base to the guide rails is necessary. This ensures high inherent rigidity and resistance to deflection as well as the required stability and damping of vibrations. In addition, we have specifically paid attention to eliminating typical weak points. After a closer look at our vice, you can see that there is no layered design using expandable fasteners such as screws. The jaw holders are made from a single block, which enables the jaws to be fixed on the front. This means machining power is optimally absorbed. 

Nice side effect

Have you ever thought about how much the clamping of the workpiece influences your tool wear? Unfortunately, again and again tools have very short service lives due to the use of inferior clamping devices. Only through precise, accurate and low-vibration clamping of workpieces is it possible to bring your cutting performance and tool life to the highest level and reduce machining times.

HWS 400 Centring vice HWS 402 Centring vice with reversible jaws

Highest quality materials

Something rattling around there? – not with us. As with our standard parts, we also stand for highest quality and process reliability in the field of clamping devices. All the materials used for the production of our centring vices have been specifically selected for their functional performance and manufactured accordingly. We use only the highest quality, quenched and tempered tool steel for the base and jaw holders. The rolled and nitrided drill chuck also meets the high quality requirements. Offering our customers only products with the highest durability and wear resistance is top priority for us.

Accessories for clamping equipment


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