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In our blog, we keep you up to date on products and news from mould and die making.

Welcome to the Meusburger blog

You will find useful tips and solutions pertaining to current topics in mould, die, and jigs and fixtures construction in our Meusburger blog. Keep up to date with our exciting articles and don’t search long for what you need – simply filter the contents by technology.
Enjoy the read!

Mould making

We are pleased to support you in mould making with our products, which are perfectly adapted to your needs.

Injection moulding

As a full-range supplier in mould and die making, we offer you the best solutions from a single source. Learn more about our products for injection moulds.

Learn more here

Die casting

We are happy to assist you with our standardised die casting components for die and mould making. In our selected range, you will find numerous components that meet the demanding requirements of your die casting moulds.

Learn more here

Die making

Modular and precise – with our die sets and components, you have every advantage.

Stamping dies

The modular concept in stamping dies has already been part of standard industry practice for years. Read more about how a universally usable basis die can become an individual stamping die by means of slide-in die modules.

Learn more here

Stamping and forming

As the name implies, stamping is a fundamental manufacturing process in stamping and forming. In the course of this separation procedure, one or more semi-finished products (metal strips) on a stamping and forming machine are prestamped by a cutting tool in the press and, in subsequent steps, formed into stamped and formed parts.

Learn more here

Modular concept

With our standard parts, we can guarantee you a simple installation of die modules. Discover the advantages when using modules, for example quick tool changes and therefore reduced downtimes.

Learn more here

Transfer dies

Particularly for transfer and large dies, high demands are placed on standard parts. Therefore, many of our components comply with VDI guidelines. These components enable you to start future projects quickly and complete them with short lead times.

Learn more here

Sound interesting?

We are pleased to be able to provide you with the best possible comprehensive support for your various applications, both with our broad product range and our many years worth of experience. Subscribe to our newsletter to be kept up to date.

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