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Communiqués de presse au sujet de notre entreprise

Vous vous intéressez à notre entreprise et à nos produits ? Alors vous vous trouvez au bon endroit.

Arno Gozzi
chef de secteur marketing

Meusburger joins forces in 2020

17.10.2019, Entreprise

During 2020, the Austrian company Meusburger fully integrates the hot runner and control systems specialist PSG, which was taken over in 2016, into the company and will then operate under the Meusburger brand. PSG remains a strong product brand.


In order to make optimum use of synergies, the two independently operating companies Meusburger and PSG have been working very closely together since the takeover of the hot runner and control systems specialist in 2016. This allowed us to grow together for our customers and support them along the entire value chain. Now this cooperation will be further strengthened under the Meusburger brand. This way, the extensive know-how in the individual product segments can be combined even better and further developed for the customer. With PSG as a strong product brand in the fields of hot runner and control systems, Meusburger is a reliable full-range supplier in mould and die making.

One corporate brand for all customers

The approximately 21,000 customers worldwide also benefit directly from the integration of PSG in the Meusburger brand. All their needs are covered by one corporate brand and they receive all information faster and from a single source. 'The sales teams of the two companies merge to form a large team with highly qualified product experts in the background. That way we can focus even more specifically on each individual customer and their needs' says Meusburger Managing Director Guntram Meusburger.

Locations remain the same

Operations at both PSG locations in Germany - Viernheim and Seckach - will be continued. In Viernheim, the development and design of hot runner products will be pushed in the coming years. In addition, Viernheim is and will remain the competence centre in terms of service and maintenance. In Seckach, the employees will continue to focus on development and production in the area of control systems.

Under the Meusburger brand, all business and services in the fields of hot runner and control systems are continued, and all business conditions as well as terms and conditions for sales and delivery remain unchanged.


Meusburger joins forces in 2020

Under the common Meusburger brand, the extensive know-how in the individual product segments is optimally combined and further developed for the customers.

Vers l'aperçu Communiqué de presse

Press contact

Should you require further information on this press release or have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us by email.

Lukas Österle

+43 5574 6706-1736



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