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Communiqués de presse au sujet de notre entreprise

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Standardisation in the hot runner sector with the FH mould

30.03.2021, Construction de moules

In today’s world, standardisation plays a major role for successfully operating a company in most industries. This also applies for the hot runner sector where substantial time and savings potentials are possible through standardisation. The FH hot runner mould from Meusburger is the perfect example. It consists of a complete mould base including a hot runner system.

A hot runner mould in just a few clicks

Thanks to the specially developed configurator, it can be customised with just a few clicks, ordered as a complete package and is supplied shortly thereafter in the usual high quality. Of course the 3D data is also available for download. The configurator allows the designer to concentrate on other matters during the mould design and thus saves valuable time and costs. Our hot runner experts will gladly carry out a technical inspection of the FH hot runner mould, all the designer needs to do is submit a form. The designer then receives suitable modification suggestions or, upon request, a customised offer.

FH configurator upgrade

Along with the new products in the area of mould making in autumn 2020, Meusburger also launched some new functions for the FH configurator. Both the nozzle range and the selection of plastics have been considerably expanded. As of now, shot weights from 0.5 to 500 g per nozzle are possible. The most suitable nozzle is already preselected, but all nozzles within the range of the specified shot weight can be selected. An additional helpful function is the recommendation of the suitable gate types for the respective plastic material. By default, the ideal solution is already preselected here. Of course the customer can also choose another type. If the combination of plastic and the gate assembly results in a recommendation for an insulating cap, then this can be ordered directly. In addition, the offset of the cooling hole to the manifold cutout can be adjusted in the x and y axis with the same value from 0 to 25 mm. The result is a compact mould size that is optimally matched to the configured hot runner system. There are optimised default values for every manifold type and manifold size. The safety distances from the cutout to the outer edge have been optimised. The new features enable Meusburger to support the customer even better in the selection of suitable items. More information and our configurator can be found here:

Successful use in practice

The FH hot runner mould from Meusburger has already been making waves with its high quality and reliability for a variety of projects. One example of this is the customer Sterk Plast SRL. They used the FH hot runner mould for a project in which different sized lunch boxes were produced. Sterk Plast was able to use the supplied hot runner mould without having to make any adjustment and is very satisfied with this product from Meusburger. You can find more examples of satisfied reference customers on the Meusburger website:

Free know-how

The Meusburger experts have dealt extensively with hot runner moulds and have written a white paper on the topic. Here, the various possibilities for designing a hot runner system are explained in detail and the differences between a ‘hot runner mould’ and a ‘hot half’ are shown. Components, application possibilities and their limitations are also displayed. The white paper is available for download on the website:

Standardisation in the hot runner sector with the FH mould

Save time and money with the FH hot runner mould from Meusburger.

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Press contact

Should you require further information on this press release or have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us by email.

Julia Jakob

+43 5574 6706-1496



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