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Lowering tension

In our selected range you can find the right material for virtually any application.

M V10 PM Powder metallurgical steel



Indicatory analysis:

Mo 1.30
V 9.75


≈ 950 N/mm2

Thermal conductivity at 100 °C:

20 W/m K


Powder metallurgical high-speed steel with optimal dimensional accuracy after the heat treatment, highest abrasive wear resistance and excellent toughness, good machinability through a homogeneous microstructure


Blocks for eroding, dies and cutting punches with extreme requirements,
fine blanking punches, pressing punches for sinter press tools

Treatment by

highly suitable:
Polishing, nitriding, EDM, coating 

Heat treatment:


Soft annealing:
880 to 900 °C, about 2 to 5 hours
slow controlled cooling of 10 to 20 °C per hour
to about 600 °C; further cooling in air, max. 280 HB

Curing temperature: see tempering chart
quenching in oil/compressed gas/air/hot bath
obtainable hardness: 60-63 HRC

slow heating to tempering temperature (to avoid forming of cracks)
immediately after hardening;
triple tempering is recommended

Tempering chart:



  • Due to the high vanadium content the steel is enriched with small, hard carbides. This guarantees optimum edge stability with maximum abrasive wear resistance.
  • Ideally suitable for highly stressed parts
    with complicated geometries.

To the mould making overview To the die making overview

Available in the web shop as:
Data sheet M V10 PM

Open PDF

Material grades brochure

Material grades brochure

Material grades poster

Material grades poster

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