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Full-range supplier in workshop equipment– Consumables

Various chemical products are required for both injection moulds and stamping dies. We save you the hassle of trying out different products and suppliers and offer you the best solutions from one source.

Workshop equipment


Finding the most suitable lubricant, cleaner or anticorrosive, the optimal release agent or the appropriate adhesive to use on your injection mould or die set can be challenging. In our carefully selected and compact range you are sure to find the right product for your application quickly and easily.

Consumables for mould making
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    Lubricating grease for guides

    Guide pillars ensure precise closing of the mould. The right lubricant substantially reduces wear so that long-term precision is guaranteed.

    Lubricating grease

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    Lubricating grease for slide systems

    Slide systems are often complex, high-precision assemblies whose lubrication points are exposed to high loads. With the right lubricant you can prevent premature wear and ensure long-term accuracy of your mould.

    Lubricating grease

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    Lubrication of ejectors

    Ejector pins must always be excellently lubricated. But which lubricant is right? The VGI 300 solid-free, PFPE based ejector grease has proven itself even under the toughest operating conditions. We inform you on everything you need to know about the lubricant and the correct application.

    VGI 300 - Ejector grease Further information

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    Our release agents work wonders for sampling, the first shots on an injection mould, and for parts that are difficult to demould.

    Release agents

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    Our high-quality assembly pastes can be used to prevent fretting, galling and galvanic corrosion on screw and push-in connections on both the injection mould and the injection moulding machine.

    Assembly pastes

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    In order to optimally and easily match sealing surfaces such as the split line face on the mould or ensure the congruence of the components, engineer's blue provides the optimal solution.

    Engineer’s blue

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    Remove plastic residue

    To remove stuck or burnt-on plastic, residues from diesel effect, colour residues or stubborn deposits from the cavity our active cavity cleaner is the perfect choice.

    VC 30 - Active cavity cleaner

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    Corrosion protection for moulds

    High-quality lubrication of all gliding points and reliable corrosion protection are important factors for the longest possible service life of your mould.

    Corrosion protection

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    Mould cleaners

    For the best possible performance of lubricants, adhesives and optimal protection of the mould, we recommend a thorough cleaning with products from our range of cleaners.



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