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Offset cutting punches

With the offset cutting punches from Meusburger there are many possibilities to configure the contour of the cutting punches individually according to your needs. In addition, different materials and head shapes as well as coatings are available.

Five different contours

There are five different contours to choose from: round offset, oblong hole, rectangle, hexagon, and round flat. Anti-rotation protection on the head with optionally 0° or 90° to the contour can also be selected.

Different materials and head shapes

In order to meet different requirements when selecting the material of the cutting punch, we offer the offset cutting punches in the materials 1.3343 (HSS) and 1.3344 (PM23). The cutting punches are available with cylindrical, conical, as well as bottle-neck head shapes. For the selection of the correct head shape, the space requirement of the head and the retracting forces during the stamping process are decisive. Our range also includes ball-lock cutting punches.

To the products

Customised lengths on request

In addition to the standard lengths, we offer customised lengths on request. The cutting punches are precisely cut to the desired length with a tolerance of +0.02/0.

Coating for maximum service life

With the TiN, AlCrN and DLC coating, a considerably longer service life can be achieved due to the greatly reduced abrasive and adhesive wear. In addition, the coating reduces the coefficient of friction, which in turn reduces the stamping and retracting forces.

  • Brand: Balinit® A TOP
  • Coating colour: golden yellow
  • Coating hardness HIT: 30 ±3 GPa ≙ ≈2300 HV
  • Coefficient of friction: ≈0.6
  • Coating thickness: ≈1.3 - 4.0 μm
  • Cutting punch:
    1.3343 HSS (about 64 HRC)
  • Workpiece:
    Sheet steel C22 (≈ 1.0577)
    Thickness: 1.25 mm
  • Process parameters:
    520 strokes / min.
    Use depth: 2 mm
  • Brand: Balinit® ALCRONA PRO TOP
  • Coating colour: light grey
  • Coating hardness HIT: 36 ±3 GPa ≙ ≈3200 HV
  • Coefficient of friction: ≈0.35
  • Coating thickness: ≈1.2 - 2.5 μm
  • Cutting punch:
    1.3344 PM (64 HRC)
  • Workpiece:
    Sheet steel C22 (≈ 1.0577)
    Thickness: 1.25 mm
  • Process parameters: 
    125 strokes / min.
  • Brand: BalinitR TRITON
  • Coating procedure: PACVD
  • Coating colour: black grey
  • Coating hardness: ≈2500 HV
  • Coefficient of friction: 0.1 - 0.2
  • Coating thickness: ≈2 μm

The DLC coating is ideal for stamping non-ferrous metals.

Custom design with the cutting punches configurator

With the cutting punches configurator, we offer a simple and time-saving way to design cutting punches individually. The configurator can be accessed in both our web shop and offline shop. First the head shape, material and coating are selected, as well as the desired contour and also ejector and anti-rotation protection if required. Then the diameter and total length can be selected and the dimensions of the cutting geometry and cutting edge length can be entered. With just a few clicks, the cutting punch is then adapted to your personal requirements and exported to the CAD system as a completely configured component.

In-house production ensures short lead times

To meet the requirement of maximum precision in the stamping process, tight tolerances are our top priority. Because production is carried out almost entirely in-house on our own cylindrical grinding machine, we are able to guarantee short lead times. In addition, a comprehensive range of round offset cutting punches are available from stock.

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