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Pressemeddelelser om vores virksomhed

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Meusburger provides tried and trusted CAD tool free of charge

22.09.2020, Mould making

Together with their customer Schmidt WFT, Meusburger has developed a CAD tool that is now available to you free of charge. This tried and trusted tool is coordinated with the Siemens NX CAD system and enables designers to carry out a simple and time-saving design process. Configurations of components which are native in the system can be selected and all parameters are automatically adjusted. Installation spaces and the colour table standards developed by Meusburger together with the Association of German Tool and Mould Makers are also integrated in the tool. The parts list is automatically updated when changes are made.

In cooperation with Schmidt WFT, Meusburger has developed an intelligent tool, especially adapted to the Siemens NX CAD system: the Meusburger NX tool. This CAD library, which enables the designer to carry out a simple and efficient design process, is provided by Meusburger completely free of charge. With the Meusburger NX tool it is possible to work directly in the CAD system without using the shop, and components can be designed as native 3D data sets. When changes are made they are automatically taken over which significantly reduces the time required for adjustments. Almost the entire mould making range can be found in the tool. The system also includes all installation spaces with the respective tolerance and surface information. Another advantage is the integration of the Meusburger colour table standards, which facilitates production without drawings.

Simple and efficient design

The Meusburger NX tool offers an advantage over generating the parts list in the shop and then downloading the CAD data, because changes can be implemented even more easily. The tool already contains all relevant data for design and manufacturing attributes such as tolerances, surface roughness, material, etc. Adjustments can be made directly in the system. For example, when installation parts are selected in a different size, the installation spaces are automatically adjusted. The parts list is also regenerated and new article codes are automatically changed. Finally, the parts list can be easily imported into the shop via the Excel import function for ordering (this works via the ‘Manual entries’ tab in the web shop’s shopping cart – instructions can be found at www.meusburger.com/parts-list ).

Tried and trusted tool as intelligent solution for designers

This tool is available as a simple download from the Meusburger website, and is a huge time-saver for designers. It offers the advantages of experience and know-how, as the system has been in use for several years and has been continuously optimised according to customer requirements. Meusburger offers not only a free product, but also an already established and tried and trusted product that is an intelligent and efficient solution for designers.

Meusburger provides tried and trusted CAD tool free of charge

The Meusburger NX tool enables an easy and time-saving design process.

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Press contact

Should you require further information on this press release or have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us by email.

Julia Jakob

+43 5574 6706-1496


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