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Every day our large team ensures that our customers worldwide receive the best service.

Our service is the basis for your success


For us, service means more than just being reachable by telephone. It means providing you with the best possible support all around: from personal local contacts, highly qualified specialists, and a comprehensive range of online assistance, to high quality that you can rely on. As a full-range supplier for mould and die making, we provide you with all the necessary standard parts including the appropriate accessories as well as hot runner and control systems from a single source.

I am your short lead time

‘Ordered today – immediately dispatched‘, is lived daily at Meusburger. Our qualified specialists, optimised logistics and transport processes as well as optimally networked logistic partners guarantee you the shortest lead times.

  • 97% of items are delivered immediately from stock
  • Tracking service via the Meusburger Portal
  • In 2020 a total of 81 different countries were supplied worldwide

Delivery service

I am your continuously stocked warehouse

With the world's largest central finished goods warehouse, we ensure that you save time and costs, because shorter delivery times guarantee you absolute planning certainty for all your projects.

  • 18,000 m² guarantees your success
  • You save important storage space
  • 96,000 items available in our range

Continuous availability

I am your expertise on site

Sales territories are optimised for you to ensure that you have a Meusburger sales expert from the region at your disposal. They are supported by application engineers who work together with you on-site to find the best solutions.

  • Personal contact from your region
  • Technical advice from our application engineers
  • Contact in your language

Find your contact person here

I am your language diversity

In order to provide you with the best service, the Meusburger field sales representatives as well as the internal sales department communicate in 21 languages. You can find our variety of languages online: see for yourself.

  • Website and web shop in 21 languages
  • Monthly newsletter in 13 languages
  • All print catalogues also in English

I am your digital time saver

We support you both in the web shop and offline catalogue with our numerous digital wizards, configurators and selection aids. So you can invest the time you save in new projects.

  • 3D CAD data for download
  • Simple ordering program with direct price display
  • Continuous development of our features

Software, CAD and configurators

I am your consistent high quality

With the best raw materials, our high-quality standard parts form a reliable basis in mould and die making as well as in machine and jig construction. Stress-relieving heat treatment in our 3 furnaces creates the best conditions for reduced plate warping during machining.

  • State-of-the art production
  • Spectral analyses, strength tests and ultrasonic tests are carried out on the Meusburger premises
  • Quality check with the ZEISS measuring machine

Quality and precision


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