WZB – Drills

Here you can find a wide selection of carbide drills, HSS drills, and carbide deep hole drills for the machining of different steel grades. 

Carbide drills

    • Optimised cutting geometry and special point shape for short chips and high alignment accuracy
    • Internal coolant supply for optimal chip removal and continued drilling without pecking cycle
    • TiAiN coating for long service life

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      HSS Bohrer

      HSS drills

        • Wide flutes for optimal chip removal from very deep bore holes
        • Cobalt alloyed HSS-E steel, nitrided or TiN-coated for increased wear resistance

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        HM Tieflochbohrer

        Carbide deep hole drills

        • Single fluted deep hole drill with standard point shape
        • Without chip breaker groove
        • For alloyed and high-alloyed steel
        • For precise and reliable deep-hole drilling

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