Meusburgerde çevre koruma

Çevrenin korunması Meusburger’in vizyonunun en önemli parçasıdır. İlgili yasalar ve kurallara uymakta ve sürekli olarak fabrikamızı ve üretim metotlarımızı buna göre kontrolden geçirmekteyiz. Üretim prosedürümüzdeki emisyonlar son derece düşük ve böylelikle çok ciddi derecede bölgemizdeki havamızı ve suyumuzu korumuş oluyoruz.


  • Heat recovery
    We do not waste any energy, but use the waste heat produced by our machinery and equipment to into heating our plant.

  • Cooling energy optimisation system
    Over the past years, we have been investing in highly efficient cooling systems on the rooftop of our production hall. This helps to reduce the Co² emissions and to create an agreeable climate for our staff.

  • Separation of recyclables and waste
    At Meusburger, all waste is meticulously separated into recyclables and residual waste, enabling environmentally sound recycling.

  • Filtering pollutants
    To a large extent, the production process is pollutant-free. Any pollutants that do arise when processing steel are absorbed by means of suitable filtration devices.

  • Company bikes
    Staff travelling to work by train may use these bicycles to cover the distance between the train station and the Meusburger plant.

  • Biking contest
    Every year, Meusburger takes part in the biking contest organised by the Federal State of Vorarlberg. It gives our staff the chance to improve their health and at the same time protect the environment by using their bikes as much as possible. Further information...
  • Staff transportation
    About 38 minibuses are provided for our staff for travelling to work every day. Meusburger takes part in the project klima:aktiv mobil, making an active contribution to environmental and climate protection. Further information...


  • Corrosion protection
    No corrosion protection is used on our stored raw material. With this, we avoid polluting air, water and soil in the immediate vicinity of our company grounds.

  • Oil mist
    All our machinery and equipment is equipped with suction and filtration devices in order to keep the air clean.

  • Cutting fluids
    With our comprehensive approach to optimising our centralised systems we have been able to greatly reduce our cutting fluid consumption over the last eight years. Our measurements show we have reduced our yearly cutting fluid waste by 82% and, at the same time, the amount of stabilizers we used decreased by 97%.

  • Packaging
    In order to protect the environment, we use very little plastic or shrinkwrap packaging. Containers made of natural materials (e.g. wooden pallets) are used as an alternative.