Meusburger - Setting Standards

The Meusburger bore pattern in die making

Meusburger sets benchmarks

This systematic coordinated bore pattern provides a continuous measuring system from the smallest through to the biggest die set.

The guiding bores are symmetrically offset in order to ensure anti-rotation protection. Consequently, the guide pillars can be fitted to the upper or the lower plate. A milled arrow marks the offset guide holes and ensures the correct clamping of the standard plates for subsequent machining operations. The space-saving solution for fixing the guiding elements helps maximise the usable surface inside the die set. However, it is still possible to fix screws or spacers to the plates' edges if required.

The standardised coordinates of all Meusburger die sets follow the same principle. This enables the designer to work with standardised dimensions and in doing so, it saves him a lot of time. 

The Meusburger coordinates