Maximum quality and precision

High-quality raw materials
Steel is not the same everywhere. We therefore select the best-known steelworks as our suppliers. Only the best raw materials ensure exceptionally good products. The people who benefit from this quality of the raw materials are the mould makers and the injection moulding companies.


Quality needs to be controlled
We carry out in-house spectral analyses, strength tests and ultrasound tests. Only flawless steel will pass these quality control measures.


Reduced warping through stress-relieving heat treatment
We apply the heat treatment to all grades of steel. That is the best prerequisite for warp-free machining of parts. For more information…


Precise manufacturing
Our manufacturing processes are state-of-the-art of technology. Another factor that guarantees precision and dimensional stability.


Final quality control
With the help of the Zeiss measuring machine we can check products within a tolerance of 0.003 mm.