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Mould bases

High-precision mould bases from stress relieved high-grade steel.

Pre-drilled standard moulds, sliding core moulds for complex components, change moulds for prototypes and small series and micro moulds especially designed for producing smallest parts in Babyplast machines. At Meusburger all mould bases are directly available from stock.

F- plates for standard moulds


F-Moulds with pre-drilled guide holes are the reliable basis for precise and high-quality mould bases.

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FB - sliding core moluds

FB-Sliding core mould

Ready-to-use sliding core moulds made from precise standard parts.

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FW - change moulds as modular assembly system

FW-Change Moulds

Change moulds with ready-to-use mould inserts are supplied as modular assembly systems.

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FM-Micro moulds

Ready-to-use micro moulds, especially designed for use on Babyplast machines.

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