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H 1000 – The multifunctional clamping system

Quick and precise repeat clamping

The H 1000 clamping system is an innovative in-house development by Meusburger. With the H 1000 you will not only work fast and efficiently but also with absolute precision and repeatability. The standard F parts are aligned and clamped where it matters for the mould function, i.e. in the guide holes. 

You too can profit from the many benefits of the H 1000

  • Improve the quality of your moulds by precise clamping in the μ-range for all repeats
  • Reduce your processing time by substantially reducing fitting time
  • Simplify programming by clamping without obstructive contours
  • Minimise the risk of collision by using expansion rings for clamping
  • Use pallets for various special clamping tasks

Trust the original – with over 1,800 pieces sold, Meusburger‘s clamping system has been tried and tested and is definitely a sophisticated product.

H 1000 mit Zubehör
H 1000 mit einer Auswerferplatte

Clamping of NF inserts possible

The track-proven H 1000 clamping device has been supplemented by a system for clamping NF inserts. Any number of clamping supports with centring can be fixed into the bores of the H 1000 base plate. In the NF insert the clamping spigots are fitted into integrated fitting diameters with a thread. Clamping spigots with an undersized fitting diameter are available for machining before hardening. Now the insert is simply placed onto the clamping support and tightened with locking sleeves. Five sides of the part remain free from interfering contours. The distance from the base plate can be increased in 40 mm increments in combination with H 1030 centring support extensions. As the clamping supports clamp centrally, repeatability in the μ range is guaranteed.

  • All existing coordinates of the H 1000 can be used for flexible clamping support configuration.
  • Ideal for five-side machining in combination with the H 1030 centring support extensions.
  • Repeatability in the μ range with zero point centring
  • Non-tilting or twisting positioning and removal of the parts
  • The clamping supports can withstand the maximum feed during cutting

Video about H 1000

H 1000 Wizard

With our H 1000 Wizard you can configure easily and quickly your personal H 1000 Clamping system. You can first select the desired plate size and then easily assemble the equipment required for clamping mould and ejector plates of a specific diameter. The fully automatic calculation of ancillaries ensures that you are supplied with the complete package. Optionally, additional packets for horizontal machining or pallets for clamping vices, electrode holders etc. can be added.

How you benefit – At a glance:

  • Easy and quick configuration of the H 1000 clamping system
  • 6 different plate sizes offering various clamping options for mould and ejector plates
  • Fully automatic calculation of ancillaries required