NEW from Meusburger: flat-face centring unit with round fitting

Flat face centring unit

Since October Meusburger offers a flat-face centring unit with round fitting. This innovative product in the range of Meusburger locks offers an additional option for a reliable and exact final centring of the mould at the split line face. Due to its geometry the new centring unit is optimal for moulds with unequal thermal expansion.

The easy introduction and positioning of the new E 1352 centring unit enables highest centring accuracy. Best sliding properties and high wear resistance are achieved through the DLC coating. It can be fixed from the split line face or the back side, therefore a flexible installation is possible. The centring unit is kept in the right position by means of the dowel pins provided either at the side or on the front end. Due to the identical fitting dimensions the flat-faced centring unit with round fitting is interchangeable with the Meusburger E 1310 centring unit. This offers the advantage that the centring unit can be replaced simply and easily in the event of unequal thermal expansion within the mould. The new component is available in the diameters of 16 to 42 mm and as always with Meusburger, can be supplied from stock.

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