NEW from Meusburger - Adjustment unit with even more precise positioning

Meusburger - Adjustment unit with even more precise positioning

The E 5660 Adjustment unit enables fast and exact adjustment of stamping and bending elements. Its compact fitting dimensions allow for flexible positioning inside the stamping die. In addition, the new adjustment angle ensures an even more precise positioning of 0.05 mm per screw rotation. 

The time-consuming adjustment and high costs for the design and manufacture of customised adjustment units are now a thing of the past: the standardised E 5660 Adjustment unit from Meusburger makes it easy to adjust the stamping and bending elements both quickly and accurately. Its compact fitting dimensions and the screws in different lengths allow for a flexible positioning of the adjustment unit inside the die. With the precisely coordinated adjustment wedge, a defined adjustment travel per screw rotation is guaranteed. In addition to the existing adjustment unit - with an adjustment of 0.1 mm per rotation - Meusburger now offers an additional model with an adjustment of 0.05 mm per rotation. This enables even more precise adjustment. The CAD data of the adjustment unit can be downloaded from the online shop and the CD catalogue with just a few mouse clicks. As usual with Meusburger, the adjustment unit is immediately available from stock.

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