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NEW from Meusburger – carbide blocks for eroding

carbide blocks for eroding

With the new NE-Blocks for eroding from carbide Meusburger offers the ideal compromise between wear resistance and fracture toughness. Carbide blocks for eroding are therefore perfectly suited for universal uses in stamping, embossing, bending, and forming.

Reliable demoulding of complex injection moulded parts

Reliable demoulding of complex injection moulded parts

The compact ejector accelerator from Meusburger is the ideal device for the safe and targeted ejection of complex parts: a single ejector is additionally accelerated by which snagging of the injection moulded part is avoided. The injection pressure is absorbed by the ejector base plate thus the ejection accelerator does not bear any load and has a longer service life. Due to the small component size a flexible positioning of the ejector accelerator in the ejector set is also possible when retrofitting. 

Meusburger launches new consumables for the food processing industry

consumables for the food processing industry

The standard parts manufacturer Meusburger offers selected consumables with H1-food-safe approval. The high-quality products are therefore especially suitable for the food processing industry. In this sector all substances such as grease, oil, compounds or anticorrosives are subject to high standards so they must be selected with particular care. New in the Meusburger range are for example the VGI 250 S Lubricant and release agent and the VPG 70 FD Food-safe anti-corrosive.

A great success: the premiere of the Meusburger Die and Mould Making Days

Meusburger Die and Mould Making Days

On October 12th and 13th, 2016, the first Meusburger Die and Mould Making Days took place in the festival hall in Bregenz, Austria. The event was organised in cooperation with the Association of German Tool and Mould Makers and the ‘FORM+Werkzeug’ industry magazine. Amidst a stunning setting, with beautiful views of the Lake Constance, more than 200 daily visitors were offered exiting lectures and during the breaks exchanged information on current topics in die and mould making. On both days, in addition to participating in the sold-out industry meeting, they also had the possibility of visiting an in-house exhibition, and concluded the day with a boat cruise and dinner.