Special machining

We are known on the market for special machining in premium quality.

Whether it is: flame cutting, sawing, deep hole drilling, milling, grinding or turning - we provide customised manufacturing solutions on state-of-the-art equipment.

You can fully rely on our expertise and experience when it comes to special machining.

  • Quick, cost-effective and in top quality
  • Very short lead times thanks to perfect organization
  • State-of-the-art machines and highly qualified personnel


Maximum dimensions for machining

Overview of maximum dimensions for machining for special machining.

Download maximum dimensions for machining as PDF

Manufacturing standards for die making

Information about:

  • Standard dimensions for P plates
  • Variations
  • Bore pattern for die sets
  • Hole sizes – special bore pattern
  • Bore pattern – pillar / bush retainer plates
  • Installation of E 5130
  • Chamfers
  • Chamfers – CAM recognition
  • Threads, eye bolt holes, flame cutting, deep hole drilling, roughing, finishing, labelling of plates

Download manufacturing standards for punching tool construction as PDF

Manufacturing standards for mould making

Information about:

  • Standard dimensions for P plates
  • Variations
  • Bore pattern for moulds
  • Hole sizes – special bore pattern
  • Chamfers
  • Chamfers – CAM recognition
  • Threads, flame cutting, deep hole drilling, o-ring seals – counterbores, roughing, finishing, locks, labelling of plates

Download manufacturing standards for mould making as PDF

Dimensioning example for 2D drawings

To ensure efficient processing and machining, dimensioning should be made as follows:

Download Dimensioning example for 2D drawings as PDF

CAD standards

In-house CAD:VISI-CAD (wkf)
2D interfaces: dxf / dwg (PDF in combination with wkf / dxf / dwg only)
3D interfaces: stp / x_t / Catia / Pro-E / Unigraphics
Direct interfaces:Catia, Pro-E, Unigraphics
No processing possible: igs

Required data

  • 2D and 3D data
  • Parts list with design details (tolerances, surface roughness, colour tables)
  • Detailed drawings, with dimensions and tolerances (2D)
  • Assembly drawing including accessories (3D)
  • Data transfer: (maximum size is 10MB) or

Download CAD-standards as PDF

CAD colour codes

As for manufacturing, the cavity plates tend to be produced bigger and the inserts smaller. In the case of diameters, the position tolerance applies to the hole centre. In order to make a clear distinction, the threads must be designed on the diameter of the core according to DIN / ISO.
The surfaces on the body for which no attributes have been specified will be machined to tolerance DIN ISO 2768mH.
The Meusburger standard complies with the tolerances specified in the relevant Meusburger product information and manufacturing standards.

Download CAD colour codes as PDF

Manufacturing technologies

Flame cutting

With ultramodern CNC machines, we can provide fast and cost effective flame cutting services with special dimensions and according to your specific requirements; even if contours or apertures are required. We will always guarantee top quality flame cutting services and rapid lead times due to our large stock of raw material. Of course, all plates and bars are heat-treated for stress relief after the flame cutting and then bead-blasted to finish.


With our state-of-the-art saws and an extensive range of machinery, we manufacture custom pieces according to your specifications.

Deep hole drilling

We carry out fast and precise deep hole drilling at attractive prices. The holes are drilled using single-fluted drills with internal cooling, ensuring top drilling and positional accuracy. For your convenience, we can also cut the required connector threads into these holes, as well as threads for plugs and eye bolts. In addition, we can engrave letters and numbers.


State-of-the-art production equipment and highly skilled workers ensure machining of superior quality. The Meusburger Manufacturing Standards offer an overview of the machining solutions we provide and the standards we adhere to.
This enables you to plan according to our machining options from the very start of designing your product and guarantees simple order completion as well as short lead times and highly competitive prices.

Segment grinding

We are equally well-equipped for perfect surface grinding. Our experienced operatives and stateof-the-art segment grinding machines ensure absolute precision and top quality finished surfaces.

Precision grinding

The machined plates are finished on our precision grinding machines. We provide precisely ground plates in top Meusburger quality with an average roughness of 0.8 μm.


Meusburger provides circular plates from high-grade steel that has been heat treated for stress relief. They are available in customised dimensions and with milled, segment ground or precision ground thickness. Plates with chamfers available upon request.

Intermediate heat treatment

Heat treatment between one machining step and another prevents plate warping that may occur depending on the material and shape of the workpiece and the volume of metal removed. This ensures consistent high quality and dimensional stability.