Workshop Equipment

In the field of workshop equipment, an immense range of products from various suppliers is available in the market. Comparing, selecting and ordering takes a lot of time and effort. We know the best equipment and suppliers for efficient machining from our many years of steel machining experience.

Cutting tools

Our product range in the area of cutting tools is perfectly adapted to the needs in die and mould making and immediately available from stock in the customary high quality offered by Meusburger.

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The Meusburger cutting data calculator

With the new calculator from Meusburger the cutting data is calculated quickly and easily. Whether milling, drilling, threading or reaming, the calculator generates the optimal results. Discover for yourself all the features our calculator has to offer!

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Measuring equipment and gauges

High-precision measuring equipment and gauges for measuring and testing with repeatable accuracy. 

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Surface finishing technology

Top-quality rotary burrs, mounted points, files, abrasive belts, polishing stones, brushes, felt sticks and polishing agents - all of them perfectly adapted to the challenges presented by machining injection moulds and stamping dies and immediately available from stock.


Meusburger offers a large range of high-quality consumables for all kinds of use in die and mould making

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Assembly Equipment

Our wide assortment of assembly equipment includes products such as precision gauge tapes, reference  sheets, labels and hose crimpers, to mention but a few.

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Lifting Equipment

Lifting accessories such as eye bolts, lifting hooks and lifting studs enable the safe and easy transport of dies and moulds. 

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Erosion Accessories

High-quality erosion accessories made of copper and spark erosion graphite in grades Q 40, Q 60 and Q 70.

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Clamping equipment

Power clamps for clamping moulds onto injection moulding machines and for clamping workpieces onto milling machines. Clamping claws enabling easy, quick clamping of stamping die.

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Assembly table

Air-cushioned assembly table for repair and assembly works on moulds and dies. 

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Clamping system

Improve the quality of your moulds by precise clamping in the µ range for all repeats. 

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Protective Equipment for Die and Mould Making

Protective Equipment

In the area of protective equipment Meusburger exclusively relies on the high-quality products from UVEX. The pre-sorted product range enables a clear and time-saving selection of the required protective equipment.

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